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Aries: The Archetype

Hello, friends! Today we’re going to be exploring the ancient archetype Aries! In this post, I’ll cover the three main aspects of this fiery, passionate energy! Let’s get started!

Note: Remember, when I refer to “Aries” I’m talking about the archetype in its purest form, not an individual person with an Aries Sun, Moon, Rising etc. We all contain and express this energy in different ways; the most important thing you can do is identify it in your own life. =)

1. Willpower

Aries is the essence of WILLPOWER. This is the energy of springtime and birth, when new life pushes to break free from the bonds of a hard earth, just as a single sperm struggles to penetrate an egg. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…And Aries always finds a way. The “Ram” is a very fitting symbol for this energy- a creature known for head-butting and climbing impossibly steep landscapes…Similar to the archetype Capricorn in its desire to rise to the top, yet different in that it’s not willing to wait. The Ram needs to feel alive NOW, not tomorrow, not ten years from now, but right NOW. For this energy, reaching the top isn’t necessarily the goal, but rather the exertion it takes to get there…The blood pumping through your veins, lungs burning for oxygen, and the wonder you feel at seeing what your body is capable of…When we tap into our primal willpower it seems that anything really is possible. This is the energy of DOING, not dreaming. This is the push into action, the thrust of life, the magic of creation.

“We bury our seeds and wait, winter blocks the road, flowers are taken prisoner underground, but then green justice tenders a spear.”


Aries is also the primal energy of survival. It is the “First Born” of the Zodiac, and because of that, the “I” or “ego” will always come first. This archetype is focused on self protection and preservation, getting its needs met, and pushing through obstacles. Aries energy symbolizes the individual human or pilgrim just starting off on the journey of life. It is the beginning of all things. The push to explore, create, and BE.

This archetype is known for being child-like because it is so willful. It can lead us to be selfish, temperamental, aggressive, and to view the world in an overly simplistic manner. But at heart, Aries is focused on the cultivation of the WILL. And to do that we need to literally focus on our selves. What are our desires and passions? Strengths and weaknesses? Fears and roadblocks? What do we need to do to thrive in life? Aries is on the journey of finding all this out, while also leading others down the same path of self-discovery. While Leo discovers the Self through artistic expression and role-play, Aries discovers the Self through experience. Aries taps into the primal life-force and learns to encounter material existence through a physical body, and all that entails…

Every time you START something new you’re tapping into this energy. How would we ever DO anything if we didn’t have the will to do it? What is this thing that compels us to do things? How do we go from not doing, to doing? I think passion is the fire that ignites the will. Each person might have a different motivation or desire, but the point is, there’s this universal, primal push and pull that keeps us moving, and sometimes even against our own “will”! It’s not always about choosing to do something, sometimes life pushes us in a certain direction when we’re clamoring to go in the opposite, or we’d just rather stand still, but regardless, we can still always choose how we respond to life’s challenges.

Being willful can also make us competitive, but Aries is mostly competitive against itself. This archetype is more focused on plowing through life rather than seeking out opponents to fight. The Ram needs something to push against in order to feel alive. That resistance is what causes this archetype to rise to the challenge. So while a low expression of this energy might look like a hot-headed person always looking for a fight, a high expression would be us bravely rising to the challenges life throws at us and conquering them with integrity and honor.


Where do you see the strongest force of WILL in your own life? Where does this push to DO come naturally for you? Maybe it’s in your career or with your family, or with your own physical fitness…Or maybe you’re willfully lazy! Whatever the case, each of us has a “will” and the ability to use it how we see fit.

2. Leadership

Aries is known as the “Leader of the Zodiac” and not because it’s the best energy in existence, or even the smartest, the most balanced, or necessarily the bravest. Aries is the “First” because it is literally the energy of birth and new life. This “first-by-birth-right” energy gives this archetype the natural gift of leadership. Aries is the pioneer, the individual, the trailblazer…unafraid to forge new paths and go where other’s fear to tread. Aries is fearless in the sense of, “Do it now, worry about the consequences later.” Obviously this attitude can lead to its own detriment, but without this daring energy we might be too afraid to do anything! We wouldn’t learn to rely on our own sense of self, to tap into our primal instincts, or forge ahead into the unknown. We need this energy if we are to survive and thrive. Endowed with the gift of motivation and bravery, Aries makes a brilliant leader. This archetype is eternally optimistic and willingly shares its fiery passion with anyone who comes near its flame.

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

When Aries is not passionately leading and encouraging others, this energy can toxify and become expressed through selfishness and temperament. It’s important that we balance it by having a cause worth fighting for and people who have faith in us. Because while this archetype might seem to be the “Lone Ranger”, it actually desperately needs encouragement from others. Aries needs people to lead as much as people need a leader. This archetype is learning to become a worthy leader by being a leader…Aries is also learning how to build self-confidence by helping others build their own. It’s necessary for Aries to have a supportive team, or at least one person in their corner.

A great example of Aries energy expressed in a positive way is martial arts. The ancient practice of learning to harness the power of the body as well as the inner life-force. While not all practices may teach and exemplify honor, respect, self-control, and balance, I am speaking about the ones that do. I can’t not mention one of my all-time favorite movies, the 1984 classic, “The Karate Kid”, because it’s a perfect example of what it looks like when you take the fiery rage of Aries and mold it into something with purpose. If we can learn to channel this powerful life-force energy in a positive way, we’ve taken the high road of Aries. We can be courageous, brave, bold, and commanding, while at the same time setting a good example for others. We can use this energy to protect the weak and also attain that inner fortitude we need to slay our own dragons. Life will always test us in some shape or form in order to expose our weaknesses and cultivate evolution…but it’s always up to us how we respond to the challenge.

“Never put passion in front of principle, even if win, you lose.”

-Mr. Miyagi, 1986 “The Karate Kid II”


Are you aware of how you are a leader and who you are influencing? Can you see this noble warrior energy in your life? Or is it something you still need to cultivate? What or who inspires and encourages you on your journey? How can you find balance and a healthy outlet for this powerful warrior energy?

3. Passion

Aries is the essence of passion. This archetype represents sex, desire, romance, and lust on the one hand, and on the other, rage, fury, and aggression. How can such seemingly opposite things be directly related? Passion. Our desires are fueled by passion…by a primal hunger. We may experience “blood lust” or just plain lust. This heady energy is the flame behind Aries’ power. It’s what drives the Ram to push against, and push through, all obstacles. Mars is of course the essence of masculine virility and the ruler of Aries. Because of this energy, we fight for what we want…whether it be a person we love, a victory on the battle field, or a designer handbag during a close-out sale. We all might have very different desires, but passion is the one thing we all have in common.

“This is Now. Now is all there is. Don’t wait for Then; strike the spark, light the fire.”


This unstoppable, unquenchable urge is the motivation behind most, if not all, of our choices. We may not even realize it, but we utilize this energy to get what we want in life. And not only that, but to inspire others to rise to the challenge as well. Pursuing our passions can certainty lead us down all sorts of roads, some detrimental, some revolutionary…But the point is, passion keeps us moving, it guarantees that we won’t become stagnant.

“I would rather die of passion than boredom.”

-Van Gogh

This passionate energy can certainly make us impatient and short-tempered. We want what we want, and we want it NOW. This is another reason why Aries is compared to a child. We have to learn when to go after what we want and when to have patience, and this of course takes discipline and wisdom. Left uncontrolled, this archetype will burn up from the inside out, but taught to harness the power within, it can light the world on fire. The choice is always ours. This particular energy is just a bit harder to control because in essence, it’s very wild. You can’t tame it, just channel it. Without it, there would be no life, no reason to strive, and nothing to get our hearts pumping and bodies moving.

“Passion is the elixir that renews: how can there be weariness when passion is present?”


In the end, it’s PASSION that fuels willpower and Aries’ ability to lead others. Everything begins with passion. Desire is why we come here and desire is why we stay. Passion pulls us forward on this journey and keeps us ever reaching for that next thing, whether it be an experience, a person, or even a lesson we need to endure for the sake of our own growth. Just as the plants struggle to breach the surface and turn their faces to the sun, so do we struggle through the challenges of life in order to face the light of day. The energy of the Ram is what gives us the passion and the power to rise.


What are you most passionate about? What desires are you willing to go the distance for? What do you feel aggressive about? Could you use more passion in your life or do you need to better channel what you have? Do you feel like your passions control you?

So as we can see, Aries is a very dynamic, powerful, and primal energy. This archetype keeps us in motion and compels us to passionately pursue our desires. We express it through physical activity, romance, encouraging and leading others, and most importantly, through our own independent journey of self-discovery. In short, Aries makes us brave and daring and excited to experience all life has to offer…Because if we’re not fully ALIVE, then what’s the point?

Thank you so much for studying Aries with me! I’d love to hear your thoughts as well! This concludes our year-long study of all twelve of the Zodiac energies, (13 including Ophiuchus!) and I am so thrilled and relieved to be done! This project literally created itself; it was not something I originally set out to do, but because of it, I grew exponentially in ways I never thought possible. I will definitely be writing a special blog post (or a few!) summarizing my experience, so stay tuned for that! Thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm! I’ve loved studying the stars with you for over 365 days! =) Our journey together is far from over!

All my Love,

© Awakening the Wanderer.

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