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Pisces: The Archetype

Hello, friends! Today we’re going to be exploring the archetype, Pisces! In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the three main aspects of this beautiful, yet complicated, energy.

Note: Remember, when I refer to “Pisces” I’m talking about the archetype in its purest form, not an individual person with a Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising etc. We all contain and express this energy in different ways; the most important thing you can do is identify it in your own life. =)

1. Empathy

Pisces is the most empathetic Sign of the Zodiac. This archetype is literally able to merge its energy with all things. This melding allows for deep understanding and universal love and compassion. Pisces is able to see beyond all pretenses, all masks, and all pain, down to the very essence of all beings. A water Sign, ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, this archetype is what allows each of us to permeate the barriers of the material world and see love in every corner of creation. Pisces is intuitive, receptive, giving, open-hearted, expansive, sensitive and caring. We express this energy when we love someone despite the pain they’ve caused us, or when we see the potential and goodness in each human being. The great empathy of this energy motivates us to save people, animals, nature and the entire world! Pisces desires for everything to live in harmony and for mankind to understand the unity of all things.

“Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity.”


While this energy is the epitome of unconditional love and spiritual union, it is also capable of experiencing excruciating pain and hopelessness. Due to its watery nature, Pisces easily swings between one extreme and another. No other Sign has tasted the ecstasy of supreme love and oneness, and yet also been painfully aware of its separation from the “Divine”, like this one. This archetype can experience the highest highs and lowest lows. It is, at its essence, feeling personified, and those feelings are affected by everything it comes into contact with. Pisces is a “psychic sponge” that unconsciously picks up the energetic debris of all things. There are no boundaries to this energy, and therefore no outer shell of protection. Also, because of the great empathy of this energy, it is inherently trusting, and can be easily taken advantage of and abused due to its natural gullibility. It’s important that we be both empathetic and aware of our situations and surroundings, and that we create conscious boundaries between our own energy and that of others.

This archetype finds balance for its extreme sensitivity through self-awareness, solace in nature, and artistic expression. It’s essential that Pisces pay attention to its feelings as if it were an observer, because it can so easily pick up the feelings of everyone else, and can find it near impossible to know where it ends and they begin. Setting personal energetic boundaries and sticking to them is key. It’s essential that Pisces spends ample amounts of alone time in or around water, or in a peaceful, natural setting. For this archetype, water has the power to soothe, purify and heal inner turmoil, anxiety, and pain. Every time you take a shower or go swimming, you’re doing much for your energetic well-being than you know! And it’s essential that Pisces expresses its deep feelings through some mode of art…whether theater, music, dance, painting, photography…any kind of soulful expression that releases pent up feelings as well as utilizes the brilliant imagination of this energy.

2. Escapism

Pisces energy is the all-encompassing energy of creation, but when expressed in a human being it can have a very serious self-destructive effect. Pisces is much more complex than simply, “love and light”…it’s as much about facing demons and coming to terms with death and separation as Scorpio is, probably more so. These two watery energies are very similar in their depth of feeling and inner struggle with the darkness, but Scorpio is at least able to set boundaries, whereas Pisces is just like the ocean…containing all of the dark and light with no natural defense. And it is because of this extreme openness, that this archetype pursues escapism with a passion.

For Pisces, to escape is to survive….

-Awakening the Wanderer

We express this energy every time we try to avoid emotional pain. And sometimes our fear of “feeling” is so strong, we feel as is if we might actually physically die. It can be that extreme. A survival “numbing” instinct kicks in and we turn all of our attention and energy towards avoidance. To ease our pain, we might eat a gallon of ice-cream or watch a marathon of our favorite TV show, or we might escape into an imagined fantasy world. Pisces even uses sex, drugs, and alcohol as a means for numbing, therefore, creating serious addictions that are difficult to break. Pisces takes escapism to the same extreme that it experiences the heights of bliss and ecstasy; for Jupiter knows no bounds, and Neptune loves delusion. Together, these two energies create one heck of an escape artist! But this escapism is nothing to make light of, it’s a very real and serious dilemma for every human being. What is the proper way to deal with a pain you’re afraid might kill you? A slogan for Pisces should be: “Feel the pain and live anyway,” because there doesn’t seem to be a way around feelings…We can certainly shove them down and keep them numb for a while, but they demand to be felt. What this archetype has to eventually come to terms with, is that feelings have to be felt. We must find healthy ways to let them go and move forward. Bottling them up and running away from them will only create more pain in the end due to our addictive, escapist tendencies.

“One of the marvels of the world: the sight of a soul sitting in prison with the key in its hand.”


The energy of Pisces also reigns over literal prisons and asylums…places for the “unlawful” and mentally “unhinged”…This would be the literal extreme of this energy. We might also feel imprisoned inside our own minds, or like this reality is a prison we can’t escape from. In general, Pisces doesn’t really have a grip on reality, and frankly, it doesn’t really want to, because reality equals pain…In order to counter-balance this escapist energy, it’s essential that we find ways to become grounded and slowly begin to deal with our feelings and fears. Working with nature and animals is a natural draw for Pisces energy because these things can actually help to heal pain. Nature does not judge our “insanity” or fears…It compassionately teaches us to accept, let go, and evolve.

Pisces also gets entangled in a victim-martyr-savior complex because this energy: 1. feels like a victim of the world, 2. is willing to sacrifice itself for the sake of the world, and 3. wants to save the world. I’m sure you can see the clear symbolism of this energy within the archetype of the “Christ”, a very Piscean character from the “Piscean Age”…When translated into a human, Pisces energy compels us to save every person, every animal, and every “thing” that is suffering and/or in need of rescue. This can lead to beautiful displays of compassion and love that have the ability to shift lives and radically change the world. However, this becomes a problem when the need to save and the feelings of hopelessness that one can’t save everything, drive Pisces into extreme despair. Pisces must relinquish the idea that it must sacrifice itself for the good of the world or that it is a victim of its circumstances. Deliberate, conscious “saving” boundaries must be set in place in order for this energy to find balance, as well as finding ways for self-empowerment. Yes, there are times to sacrifice and save, but it is simply not possible, and not healthy, to do this all the time…Pisces must remember to trust something greater than itself and receive in order to find balance.

3. Mysticism

Pisces receives and is invigorated through Spirit. The deepest desire of this archetype is to re-connect with Oneness. You can call it the Divine, Source, Great Spirit, or the Mothership, the point is, this energy intrinsically knows that it comes from somewhere else, that this world, this reality, is not its “home”…and that there are better things out there, in the Great Beyond. Pisces raises our consciousness to a height beyond mere mortals, where we can actually imagine something better than this existence…This powerful energy seems to always be kept in check through a natural humility and awareness that there is no hierarchy within creation. At heart, this energy is not out to gain anything because there’s truly nothing material that will satisfy it. It just wants deep, spiritual connection. You experience Pisces energy when you feel you’re more than just one isolated individual, and that you’re part of an eternal brotherhood…This archetype allows us to feel connected to the past, present, and future, and to all of creation.

Pisces has been associated with religion but I believe that is only because its opposing Sign on the Zodiac wheel, Virgo, is passionate about structure and systems, as well as pious living and adherence to rules. We are apparently coming out of the Piscean Age and it would seem that the religion we have today is a left-over of this opposing Virgo energy, whereas as the true Piscean energy, is expressed in the form of mysticism. When you combine Pisces/Virgo energy you certainly get “religion”, essentially, a hierarchical system striving to connect with “God”…But at its heart, Pisces says that all beings are imbued with Spirit and no structure or formula is needed in order to tap into this energy. It is inside us and all around us. The Native Americans are a perfect example of “Pisces” expressed in the world…They have an inherent knowing that all things are ONE, a reliance on Great Spirit for provision, and a deep gratitude for its many gifts, as well as mutual respect and compassion for all beings, and a desire to live in harmony with mankind.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”

-Chief Seattle

We can also find this mystical Pisces energy expressed through our own dreams. Every night we experience a world of symbols, chaos, and feeling…And while it might be difficult to make sense of this complex energy, we are still able to feel un-explainable feelings, as well as find inspiration, courage, and even deep truths about ourselves. This is the energy of the Shaman, the Dream-Weaver, the Seer. It allows us to “know” without proof, and see without eyes. This mystical energy can also lead to delusion, and a complete un-groundedness with nature, leading to manipulation, madness, and even self-destruction. Once again, staying grounded is key to finding balance with this powerful, transcendent energy. While we are here in material form, we still have a responsibility to our own bodies, minds, and emotions. Go beyond, but make sure you can find your way back.

“Dream delivers us to dream, and there is no end to illusion.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pisces is a beautiful, powerful energy, as deep as the ocean and just as tumultuous…This compassionate, receptive, and sensitive energy allows us to connect with something higher that inevitably expands our consciousness and our hearts. When we can empathize with creation we gain wisdom through understanding. As long as this energy exists, peace, love, harmony, and unity are always possible…Some dreams really can be brought into waking life!

“Hold fast to your most indefinite, waking dream.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Where do you see Pisces energy expressed in your own life? Are you extremely sensitive and emotional, or is it difficult for you to be open and tender? How do you cope with feelings? What is your go-to form of escapism? Have you ever had a dream that really spoke to you? How do you connect with Spirit, or something higher?

Thank you so much for studying Pisces with me! I’d love to hear your thoughts as well! Next up we’ll be exploring our last archetype for this series: the leader, the passionate one, and the beginning of the Zodiac- Aries!

All my love,

© Awakening the Wanderer.

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