Astrology is an amazing and ancient tool that sheds light on the personality, feelings, wounds and purpose of every human being. It's about way more than just "Sun Sign Horoscopes"! Every person has their own personal star map or "natal chart" that was mirrored in the sky above them the moment they were born. Studying this chart, as well as the universal archetypal energies of the Zodiac, opens the doorway for monumental discoveries and revelations about why you are the way you are. The key is learning how to apply this ancient wisdom to your life right now- and that’s where Awakening the Wanderer comes in- I want to provide the right tools and services to help you feel empowered and capable of independently exploring the stars for the rest of your days.

"Bringing the Stars Down to Earth..."


No matter who you are or what your story is- Astrology can help you understand yourself on a deeper level so that you can make wiser choices and find freedom from negative patterns. It's time to take control of your own journey!

More Than a Name...

"Awakening" means to, "reveal, make aware, wise & conscious." In Greek, the word "planet/planetai" literally means "wandering stars." I chose "Wanderer" for that reason as well as the image it creates of a: piligrim, soul-seeker, and pathfinder. Astrology is the tool used for "Awakening" & WE are the "Wanderers"...Souls drifting from lifetime to lifetime, using the stars to light our way.

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About Me...

Hi, there! My name is Dondi and I'm the soul behind Awakening the Wanderer! I first learned about Astrology while on my own journey of self-discovery. I come from a life-long background of religious and esoteric studies and can't help but teach what I learn. I'm very disciplined and persistent in my pursuit of higher truths - I love digging deep for priceless gems of wisdom! I've yet to find a more helpful tool to quickly and successfully create self-awareness than Astrology. The answers to life's questions are truly written in the stars!

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know that I LOVE studying the archetypes (or signs) of the Zodiac! I’ve found out firsthand just how beneficial it is to have a deep understanding of these ancient energies and identify them in your own life. Anyone can do this! You don’t even need a birth chart! We contain ALL of this energy and I think it’s essential that we become aware of how it’s operating in our lives. I also love combining this information with Mythology and Astronomy! The skys the limit!

A Little Bit More...

The study of Astrology is a life-long pursuit- there's always more to discover about ourselves and the world around us! Astrology is a very ancient, complex, mathematical and symbolic system that can be used to go as deep as you desire in your journey of self-discovery. We are also continually evolving. Your natal chart is a moment frozen in time that captures the essence of who you are but it is not a stagnant piece of paper, set in stone for all of time. The stars merely reveal (or confirm!) the MAP of who we are but it is up to US to consciously choose how we live and express these energies.


The real essence of Astrology is summed up in this beautiful quote by Rumi. Astrology is that field- a neutral, un-biased landscape of stars where we can meet ourselves and see the truth of who we are. At its core, Astrology is a poetic language of symbols that speaks straight to the soul. The question is, will you meet yourself in that field?

Dondi is an honor graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communications. She has been a freelance graphic designer since 2010 and still continues to design through her business, Wandering Awake Media. She spent six successful years working in the handmade community on Etsy and still creates for her stationery shop, Little Dear Prints. Dondi began her study of Astrology in 2012 while on her own path to self-discovery. She resides in Texas and is excited to see what the future holds!

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